Natural Treatements

Black under eyes or eye bags are very embarrassing for anybody who has them. Today there are several cheap and fast home treatments available in market which can reduce these eye bags and make your skin beautiful.
We are discussing some of them:

Reduce your stress and exhaustion

In many cases black under eyes and dark circles occur due to stress and tired body. You may have seen that many hardworking persons who fail to get good sleep during nights are more prone to this problem. The simple approach here is to get adequate rest and sound sleep.

Mental exhaustion and stress tires your skin, tissues and muscles surrounding your eyes resulting in dark discolorations.
Several other factors like age, environmental vulnerability, hereditary factors, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol consumption and some external elements which stress your skin can lead to black under eyes.

Effective Home Remedies

You can relieve the tired orbital areas by application of cold spoons. Place few spoons in your freezer for 20 minutes and allow them to absorb enough cold.

Now use the spoon’s backside and place it gently on the eye bags and back under eyes for about 3 minutes. You can use various angles of spoon till the spoon’s coolness is transferred to your face.

Another good alternative for you it to place some ice cubes in a small basin full of water till its temperature drops down to freezing point. Now take a towel and dip it into this water and after this, wring the ice cold water before placing it on your eyes and problem areas. You can repeat this process three to four times.

Black under eyes and puffy eyes can also be reduced by regularly washing your face. You can wash your face immediately on waking up in morning by using some mild soap and water. Massage your eye bags carefully and rinse occasionally. You can then dab this area using a clean towel. You should avoid rubbing the areas to avoid stressing them. Sometimes eye bags also develop due to fluid retention. You must avoid consumption of too much salt and also try to keep your head in elevated position during sleep to control this problem.

Skin lightening creams

Many dermatologists recommend Vitamin E creams as it offers non irritating and natural solution. Ointments and wrinkle removing lotions are never recommended if this condition occurs due to aging.
Hemorrhoid ointments help by tightening the skin cells thereby making these dark areas to disappear. Some quick fixes like concealers can also be used but you must make sure that you remove all oil based products using astringent or cleanser to avoid irritation.

Some oils and ingredients in products can increase the swelling and puffiness around the eye areas so you must avoid all hypoallergenic cosmetic applications.