Home Remedies

These days many people are becoming anxious about black under eyes. Present day fast life has introduced heavy stress in our lives. Large numbers of people have no time to spare for the beauty salons and for this reason they search for effective home remedies for black under eyes. In fact, this option is great as same ingredients which are used in kitchen can be used for the treatment for eye bags and it saves good money too. In this present time of recession, we need to save each penny which we have.
In this present article, we will share some home remedies for black under eyes.

1. Cucumber

Make thin slices of cucumber and then keep them on your closed eyes. Cucumber is a natural soothing agent and the cool and soothing juice which you get from each of the slice rejuvenates the dark circles present under your eyes. You can try this out next time when you return back home from hectic day at work or from a long tour. You need to keep these thin cucumber slices for just 8-12 minutes. After this wash your face using a mild face lotion. You will feel greatly refreshed after this and will shortly notice that your dark eye bags will start disappearing.

2. Green tea

You should soak few tea bags in cold water and then keep them on your closed eyes. Actually tea is a anti-oxidant; water which comes out from tea bags has all these anti-oxidant properties and therefore fights out all the free radical activities happening below your eyes.
This treatment also has beneficial effect on the puffiness of your eyes.

3. Aloe Vera

You can use the aloe vera extracts on the affected area under your eyes. However, you must take care to protect your eyes from this extract. If you can, try taking assistance from somebody for the application of this aloe vera extract to achieve good results.

If you are not comfortable with the pure extract of aloe vera, you can use many skin care products which contain the extracts of aloe vera and many other herbal extracts which control the main cause of black under eyes and puffy eyes. Skin care products from reputed companies have many natural ingredients derived from herbs and plants and they have no side effect on your skin.
Apart from this, you must eat nutritious food and drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. Try to include lots of fruits, fish, vegetables and lean meat in your diet. All essential vitamins in the nutritious food will vastly improve your overall complexion and provide you with more energy. Adequate fluid circulation within your body will help in maintaining the elasticity of your skin and removing the black under eyes and puffy eyes.