Causes & Solutions

Fluid retention causes puffy eyes and can occur in our body due to various reasons. It can be due to artificial sweeteners, excess salt or fluctuating hormone level. Therefore, cutting your daily salt intake can help you in preventing puffy eyes and other types of swelling in you body.

Tackling the problem of fluid retention

Try sleeping with an elevated had or on your back. Try tapping your affected eye areas, starting from the outer corner towards the nose in order to drain the fluid. You should also increase your consumption of water as it can tackle your problem of fluid retention to a great extent.


You must try to consume 8-10 glasses of water each day to avoid dehydration as it is the main cause of puffy eyes.


As with the black under eyes, puffy eyes can also occur due to some allergies. You must try to change your eye make up and skin care products with those, which are manufactured by reputed companies and contain herbal extracts.
In case you fail to achieve any relief after this, you must try consulting your doctor for some reassurance and he can prescribe you some effective medicine.

Infection in eyes

You should avoid sleeping with any eye makeup or contact lenses as it can cause swelling and infection. You must never share your eye makeup products and try renewing them on regular basis to avoid infections and bacteria.
Try stretching the skin around your eyes

You must use a gentle and effective eye makeup remover. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes. The skin around your eyes is sensitive and any harsh make up remover can damage your skin, thereby worsening your puffy eyes.
You should never try to pull your skin while removing your makeup and should use some small patting motions in a gentle way from the outer towards the inner corners, repeating them till the area is wiped clean. You should avoid wearing the waterproof makeup unless it is necessary, as it is cumbersome to remove it.

Many haemorrhoid creams are used by different celebrities for alleviating their puffy eyes. Many anti-inflammatory agents present in this cream helps in bringing down the swelling. Apart from this, application of damp tea bags, slices of cucumber and potato can also assist in removing the swelling. You should try wearing sunglasses as often as you can and reduce your alcohol consumption.

Just like black under eyes, puffy eyes are caused by fatigue or less sleep. Therefore, you must ensure proper sleep and lead a stress free life.

In case you continue to suffer from persistent and severe puffy eyes, you must immediately seek medical advice to ensure that there is no other serious issue regarding your health.