Causes of Eye Bags

Black under eyes and puffy eyes can change the appearance of a person and make him or her appear older than their age. Today many people suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes and this problem occurs in the people of all age groups.
In order to control this problem of black under eyes and puffy eyes, we should first understand its causes.

Though in-sufficient sleep can be the most common cause for this problem but surely it is not the only cause. These dark under eye circles occur due to small leakages of blood which is passing in the capillaries which are close to the surface of skin. As the skin in this area is very delicate, these small leakages usually show up as dark areas.

Sinus congestion and nasal inflammation can also cause these dark circles around the eyes. The inflammation and congestion can slow down and impair the flow of blood in these tiny vessels found in the facial area. As a result of this action, blood pools in this particular area and shows up in the skin as dark purplish area in the shape of circle.

Thorough checkup and treatment of the sinus can help in making you feel better and can assist you in diminishing you black under eyes to a great extent.

Fluid retention can cause puffy eyes and is common during mornings as fluid normally builds up during your sleep. Though some amounts of puffiness is usual in people, factors like fatigue and age can make this swelling more prominent. Some conditions like hormonal imbalances and pregnancy can also lead to fluid retention.

You can try to switch to those pillows which can raise your head slightly as sleeping in this way can aid in the fluid redistribution, thereby reducing the swelling below eyes.
A diet which has low carbohydrates can also help you in preventing the puffy eyes by reducing water retention. You should eat lots of foods which are rich in vitamin C, E and A as they have shown to reduce the eye puffiness and maintain moist and clear skin.

You must also reduce your salt intake as it encourages fluid retention and thereby worsens the puffiness in eyes. You should also restrict your consumption of read-to-eat foods as they come with high salt content and contain many preservatives for prolonging its shelf life.

You can try cold compress near your eyes for decreasing the puffy eyes as cold temperature restricts the blood vessels preventing the fluid flow in the tissues and diminishing puffiness. Persistent and severe puffiness can be a sign of some really serious medical disease and you must immediately consult your doctor.

There are many herbal creams available in the market which claims to cure the puffy eyes. Many of them are good but deliver marginal results. You must always ascertain the contents of cream and its genuineness before using it for your puffy eyes problem.